Entangling Art & Biology: Bioart & Beyond

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Entangling Art & Biology: Bioart & Beyond
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"Entangling Art & Biology: Bioart & Beyond" Moderated by Meredith Tromble

Entangling Art & Biology: Bioart & Beyond

Roundtable Moderated by Meredith Tromble
Panel Chair: Patricia Olynyk

College Art Association Conference
New York, NY


Arnaud Gerspacher, Anna Sokolina: What buried histories of exchange between art and biology are being unearthed?
Jennifer Johung, Jane Prophet:
How can “bioart” escape sharing a reductionist approach with the “biotechnology” it critiques?
Dorothy Santos, Adam Zaretsky:
What would it mean to “queer” art and biology?  
Rachel Mayeri, Liselot van der Heijden:
What do artists working with interspecies communication have to offer biology and vice versa?
Meredith Tromble, Laura Splan:
Can art and biology be entangled in such a way to support life’s flourishing?
Patricia Olynyk, Charissa Terranova:
How does synthetic biology open architecture and design onto new horizons of practice?

Presented in conjunction with the publication of
The Routledge Companion to Biology in Art & Architecture
Edited by Charissa N. Terranova and Meredith Tromble
2016, Routledge

Blood Scarf (Laura Splan, 2002) featured in Part 4: Biologies and Art Theories and Practices, "From Materiality to Machines: Manufacturing the Organic and Hypotheses for Future Imaginings", by Dorothy Santos