Sticky Settings: Laura Splan & Adam Lamson

Simons Foundation Triangle Retreat
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Sticky Settings: Laura Splan & Adam Lamson
Simons Foundation In The Path of Totality
About the Triangle Program

Laura Splan and her science collaborator Adam Lamson presented their Simons Foundation supported project Sticky Settings, during the Triangle Retreat in September, 2023. The Triangle program is a Simons Foundation’s Science, Society & Culture division program to support artists in integrating science into their work and engaging audiences in creative ways.

The Triangle Program is supporting seven collaborations that will culminate in new artworks spanning performance, sound, experimental photography, public sculpture, theater and multimedia installation. The works will be part of our broader In the Path of Totality initiative, which will engage communities who live in the path of the upcoming April 8 total solar eclipse across North America. Each artwork will play on the eclipse theme in different ways, drawing from the artists’ collaborations with astrophysicists, astronomers, neuroscientists and paleontologists, as well as local producing partners in the eclipse’s path.

Attendees Included: Liz Slagus, Alex Staley, Chuck Benya, Anthony Jacob Martinez, Bobby Garza, Annie Saunders, Andrew Schneider, Lucia Simek, Brian Fridge, Ron Berry, Guadalupe Maravilla , Kay Matschullat, Gracie Leavitt, Caroline Doherty, Jason Livingston, and others