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Laura Splan: Visiting Critic

Studio Practice Critiques
The Crit Lab AltMFA:
Remote Studio Practice Critiques with Visiting Artists and Critics

November 12, 2021

Founder Patricia Miranda
Co-director Gaby Collins-Fernandez

The Crit Lab AltMFA is an alternate critical community for working artists founded by artist and educator Patricia Miranda. The Crit Lab AltMFA is a 4-day intensive focusing on visiting artist lectures, interactive virtual collaborations, and faculty-led group critique. Building on the language and rigor of the Crit Lab, AltMFA expands this critical community of noteworthy contemporary art topics and discourses. AltMFA is designed for working artists at every level and background, with or without a degree, who are serious about their work; artists hungry for critique and lively, in-depth discussion. The full experience is built to be intense, cumulative and immersive. You will have exclusive access to the programming and content of the weekend; you will also, and perhaps more importantly, undergo an experience akin to a residency. The sustained contact of artists thinking and creating together over time generates unexpected connections where new ideas are born and flourish. This magic links us as a community and nurtures our individual practice.

Visiting Artist Lecturers

Ernesto Pujol, Julie Heffernan, Jason Stopa, Laura Splan, Hannah Chalew, Federico Troletti, Chris Kaczmarek, Melt: Loren Britton and Isabel Paehr

Visiting Critics

Ernesto Pujol, Julie Heffernan, Laura Splan, Lucinda Bliss, Jonathan Van Dyke, Wells Chandler, Meena Hasan, Carly Glovinski, Chris Kaczmarek.