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Possible Bodies

Stadtgalerie Lehen
Possible Bodies
Subnet AIR Salzburg

Possible Bodies

Bodies on the verge of uncertainty The exhibition shows different artistic approaches under the common theme of possible bodies: bodies, as they could be understood in architectural, human or virtual spaces. The supporting program includes artist talks, tours and performances to meet this year's guest artists and to get to know the work of subnet better. possible bodies is part of the exhibition series "be my guest" of the AIR program of the city of Salzburg in the Stadtgalerie Lehen. The media art platform produced an exhibition with artists of the subnetAIR program (Artist Residency) 2015 to 2017.


Danny Bracken, Young Suk Lee, Lucas Norer, Robert Praxmarer, Anthony Rayzhekov, Laura Splan, Lucie Strecker, Klaus Spiess