The Water Cycle

Edited by Emily A. Dustman
The Water Cycle

E-Squared Issue #5

The cover of Issue #5 | The Water Cycle for E-Squared Magazine features collage work by artist Laura Splan. E-Squared is an international print magazine that draws from both art + science and is the embodiment of this synergy. Founded & directed by Emily A. Dustman, E-Squared sets out to present new and groundbreaking ideas developed by artists, scientists, engineers, and all thinkers alike. By blending art and science, E-Squared seeks to generate questions, creative thought, experimentation, collaboration, and innovation with the hope of sparking real social and cultural change. E-Squared is archived at Stanford Libraries.

Issue #1 | The Animal & Human Condition
Issue #2 | The Environment & Human Impact
Issue #3 | Man, Machine, & Power
Issue #4 | Earth, Connectivity, & Restoration
Issue #5 | The Water Cycle