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Handarbeta För En Bättre Värld

Jönköping County Museum
By Otto von Busch/Clara Åhlvik
Handarbeta För En Bättre Värld
Jönköping County Museum

Handarbeta För En Bättre Värld

by Clara Åhlvik, Otto von Busch (ed.)
Jönköping County Museum

Now we do it ourselves. It has become more popular than ever to knit, crochet, carpentry, mend, exchange, reuse and sew. Before, almost everything would be bought in a store and made in a factory because it was nice. That is no longer the case. Homemade has become modern.


Foreword by Sergei Muchin.

Introduction by Clara Åhlvik and Otto von Busch.

New Household Tactics for the Folk Craft by Otto von Busch.

Stitch with stitch by Eva Londos.

Logo knitting, a joke and an endorsement by Cat Mazza.

Then they can eat pastries by Sabrina Gschwandtner.

Taking matters into your own hands by Johanna Rosenqvist.

Craft and technology, beyond the simplified contradictions of Love Jönsson.

20 mile life by Niclas Flink.

Finding a uniform in a rya by Sven Engkvist and Liselotte Munther.

What can we do? by Christina Zetterlung.

d•d•i•y• Don't do it yourself a Lisa Anne Auerbach.