Exhibition Catalog

Seeing the Unseen: Science and Art

Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art
J. Eisberg/R. Ikeda/M. Padilla/R. Trawick
Seeing the Unseen: Science and Art
Wignall Museum

Museum Guide for Seeing the Unseen: Science and Art

Seeing the Unseen: Science and Art is a group exhibition featuring art that investigates the intersections of the sciences and the arts. The work asks a number of prescient questions including: Why do artists engage with science? Why are scientists interested in visual or creative representations of their work? Are these collaborations creating clarity, or new access points for information in the STEM fields? Are artists expressing and making visible the work of scientists and science? The exhibition further attempts to increase our understanding of how art and science influence each other. Artists engage in new methods of scientific research in their rigorous and awe-inspiring works of art. Seeing the Unseen features David Bowen, Hannah Chalew, Catherine Chalmers, Maru García, David S. Goodsell, Lia Halloran, Juniper Harrower, Elizabeth Hénaff, Karey Kessler, and Laura Splan.

Seeing the Unseen: Science and Art is the first of two exhibitions presented during the 23-24 academic year that explore the intersections of the arts and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Both exhibitions are presented in collaboration with the STEM Academic and Career Community. Curated by Professors Joann Eisberg, Robin Ikeda, Mark Padilla, and Wignall Museum Director and Curator, Rebecca Trawick.