Digital Fabrication Residency

"In Conversation: Liss LaFleur & Laura Splan, A discussion of digital fabrication in the studio", by Residency Blog Editors
July 31, 2015
Digital Fabrication Residency

...Interdisciplinary art can illuminate concepts, ideas, and experiences that conventional modes within other disciplines cannot. Data visualization, for example, can reveal meaning and produce knowledge from data collected within the social sciences that was not readily apparent in the data alone. Florence Nightingale’s polar area diagram visualizing sources of patient mortality in a military field hospital is a great example of her pioneering work in this area. And objects and images can evoke experiences and generate understanding of ideas within disciplines traditionally separate from the Arts. As artists and educators, that is our charge–to draw upon what is familiar, what we think we already know, and to dissect and dismantle the machinations of the status quo and illuminate the cracks...

Laura Splan in In Conversation with Liss LaFleur