“Science and Culture: The evolving portrait of a virus” by Stephen Ornes
July 20, 2021

...These sorts of illustrations have helped enhance scientific literacy about viruses in recent months, says Laura Splan, a Brooklyn, NY-based artist who was inspired to create abstract representations of SARS-CoV-2...Splan sees the public’s newfound ease with terms like ‘coronavirus’ and ‘cell receptors’ as an opportunity to ‘present a lot more information, and a new language, to people’...

Stephen Ornes
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Molecular artworks with coronavirus models are included in an article by Stephen Ornes: "Science and Culture: The evolving portrait of a virus" in PNAS along with work by Drew Berry & David Goodsell. The image is part of "Syndemic Sublime" exploring the interconnectedness of cultural and biological systems with artworks that rematerialize and reframe interspecies entanglements in the “expanded biotechnological apparatus”. "Syndemic Sublime" includes molecular animations and prints made in remote collaboration with scientists at Integral Molecular during my bioart residency at the University City Science Center.

Laura Splan’s abstract, kaleidoscopic artworks in “Precarious Structures” are constructed with three-dimensional models of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. She combines molecular visualization software with digital imaging tools to create animations and prints. Image credit: ©2020 Laura Splan.