"Insight: Laura Splan’s ‘Entangled Entities’, the intertwining of art and biotechnology” by Giulia Ottavia Frattini
August 7, 2021

...Interdisciplinarity is the foundation on which artist Laura Splan conceives her work...Through her practice, science is moved out of the laboratories while keeping its axioms and experiments present...A number of its mechanisms are paralleled with the cultural dynamics that inhabit our everyday lives, putting a magnifying glass on the interconnections that exist between diverse fields of knowledge...

Giulia Ottavia Frattini
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Excerpts From Interview with Laura Splan

…Quests for perfection come with baroque systems of camouflage and elaborate manipulations of form…I’m always looking for ways to surface the invisible, and to create liminal experiences with boundaries that viewers can negotiate on their own terms…
… the real challenge was knowing when to let go of biology and computation and to free the viral and antibody proteins of the constraints of molecular visualization conventions—to reimagine what the paradigms of the software can reveal not only about science but about ourselves. The goal was to create animations and images that function as projection surfaces reflecting a collective biotechnological imaginary where culture, science and technology are intricately interwoven in ways that are not accidental and potentially even “choreographed”…