"A Deep Dive Into the Underground World of Zines: Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines at the Brooklyn Museum" by Maya Pontone
October 26, 2023

" . . . Splan noted that in many ways, Beehive and her work with Shaw was a “through line” to her art practice today, which has expanded to 3D animation installations about biomedical politics,  molecular models, and the boundaries of artificial intelligence . . . "

Maya Pontone

"An homage to the countercultural movements of the late 20th century takes form in a forthcoming survey of fanzines, or self-published art magazines that gained popularity after the invention of the photocopy machine. Spanning five decades in roughly chronological order, Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines at the Brooklyn Museum opens November 17 with a nostalgic examination of the artist publications that served as a collective means of creative expression among underrepresented queer, feminist, punk, revolutionary, and experimental underground communities post-1970. The multimedia show will feature more than 800 artist zines and associated works including original mock-ups and illustrations, films, paintings, performances, sculptures, and other works created by dozens of artists-zinemakers including David Wojnarowicz, Vaginal Davis, Johanna Fateman, Miranda July, Terence Koh and Kandis Williams ... "