About the Studio

April 16, 2023
About the Studio

About the Studio

My interdisciplinary studio practice is often a group effort that involves interns, assistants, advisors, and consultants with a wide range of expertise and skills. It's a privilege and pleasure to get to work with so many talented individuals in the studio, online, and onsite who share a passion for quality and creativity. While consultants and advisors are often credited on individual projects, the following people have worked behind the scenes to support past studio, exhibition, education, and curatorial projects.


Studio Assistants & Interns

Sasha Charoensub, Studio Assistant (Event Photography, Art Documentation)

Adrian Rivera, (Creative Technology and Studio Production)

Gregory DeGroat, Studio Assistant (Graphic Design and Production)

Tianyue Su, Studio Assistant (Studio Production)

Katharina Kelling, Studio Assistant (Studio Production)

Shulang Zou, Studio Assistant (Project Management)

Katie Cercone, Studio Assistant (Studio Production)

Berenice Bell, Studio Assistant (Studio Production)

Consultants & Advisors

Reuben Lorch-Miller, Fabrication and Project Consulting

Danielle McPhatter, Creative Technology Consulting

Frank Musarra, Creative Technology Consulting

Danielle Ezzo, Communications and Creative Technology Consulting

Brown Art Ink, Web Design Consulting

Jonathan Horst, Digital Design Consulting

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