Spontaneous Narratives
visuals & sound Collaboration by Laura Splan (live performance with Arduino EMG biosensor), Iulia Miruna Radu (live data driven visuals in vvvv) & Hari Stojan (data driven sound composition in Ableton Miruna Radu) and sound (Hari Stojan) punctuate each heartbeat. As the body exerts itself to inflate, tie
Spontaneous Narratives
poetically in the traditions of the Cut-up, Spoetry, and Flarf. The sound is a linear and constructed PROJECTS: Techno(logic) 2010 DRAWINGS graphite on archival paper 7H x 10W inches each SOUND computer generated sound 30 minute loop play sound excerpt Spontaneous Narratives explores the narrative
Disbursement & Accumulation
PROJECTS: Domesticated Bodies 2004 video loop (color video, no sound) TRT: 18min 44sec Disbursement
Material Expressions No. 2
biodata actuated motor and synthesizer. Arduino EMG electrodes attached to the chest trigger sounds in a
Qualitative Analysis
PROJECTS: Qualitative Analysis 2012 b/w video loop with stereo sound TRT: 23 min. Qualitative the sound and imagery highlight an underlying narrative that examines an obsession with youth and
PROJECTS: Exogenous 2004 color video, no sound TRT: 11min 17sec (loop) Trepidation presents
visuals in VVVV) & Hari Stojan (data driven sound composition in Ableton Live)
Drawing Photography Video Sound Books Materials & Imagery EMG (Electromyography) Tapestries Doilies
"Collecting Digital Art: Highlights + New Acquisitions from the Thoma Foundation"
classical violinist, taming her instrument to convert sound waveforms into electronic signals that within the early history of experimental audiovisual art, uses recorded sound from her violin ) readings, and Waveform Coded Landscape, 2015, by genre-defying performer, visual and sound artist
Solo Exhibition at the NYU Langone Medical Center Art Gallery
, sounds, or numerical values. To create these works, Splan recorded EMG data from her own body
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