Solo Exhibition at the NYU Langone Medical Center Art Gallery
, tapestries, and a work on paper that were made through the use of electromyography readings Electromyography . Electromyography records the electrical activity of muscle tissue and is used to assess the health of muscles, and
Material Expressions No. 1
biodata actuated motor using Arduino EMG (electromyography). Project support provided by subnetAIR at The
Drawing Photography Video Sound Books Materials & Imagery EMG (Electromyography) Tapestries Doilies
Embodied Objects
electromyography (EMG) data collected while performing tasks and expressions with my own body such as squinting
Recursive Expressions
24" edition of 5 + 1 AP Squint uses electromyography (EMG) data collected while squinting to
CAA 2017 Lightning Presentation
to measure the body as I perform various movements and tasks in the studio. Using electromyography electromyography measurement of the changing levels of electricity in my cheek muscles as I began and
recent work uses biosensors (electromyography, electroencephalography) to create data-driven forms
electromyography (EMG) recordings of electrical activity produced by my body. I performed neuromuscular
"Collecting Digital Art: Highlights + New Acquisitions from the Thoma Foundation"
the use of computerized loom techniques to weave patterns derived from electromyography (EMG
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